Beals & Co Presents Transitions in Traditions

Saturday, August 20, 2016

5:00pm  7:00pm

Beals & Co. Showroom

830 Canyon Road

Santa Fe, NM, 87501

United States



Transitions in Traditions will offer a study of Native American art as a continuum, placing side by side historic and contemporary artworks. Through presentations of objects created in a range of media; visual and conceptual connections are drawn between generations of Native people, art traditions and cultures. 

Typically arranged chronologically, geographically, or by medium, exhibitions of Native Art have almost solely focused on either historical or contemporary works, with very little mixing of the two. Transitions in Traditions will prompt visitors to see the links and progressions within the expanse of Native American art, and to contemplate it with fresh eyes. Expanding through cultural, historical, intellectual, and aesthetic terrain, Transitions in Traditions offers a new advance to Native American art by investigating the conceptual underpinnings and artistic intent of contemporary and historic artworks alike. Featured artists include sculptors, Upton Greyshoes Ethelbah, Joshua Adams and Tammy Garcia, and painters, Micqaela Jones and Felicia Gabaldon.

Posted on August 18, 2016 .